Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 6 - Jasper to Smithers, BC

After our leisurely morning at the Jasper lodge and a wonderful breakfast, we continued on our journey to our final destination...we crossed the Great Continental Divide and one last time zone as we crossed the pass through the Rockies into BC...the last 150km of the Yellowhead Highway before Prince George was probably the emptiest stretch of road either of us had ever seen...nothing but rolling valleys and mountain basins and yellow, yellow, yellow trees studded into the evergreen mountain landscape...rolling into Smithers we saw many deer and a bear along the highway, and a big ass buck and its mate (?) on the side of the highway that scared the crap out of me...
but we made it! (albeit a couple of days ago)...don't have access to the internet at our temporary home for now, and as we write this are sitting in the parking lot of the Safeway scamming on their wifi, ha!...i suspect it'll be getting too chilly to do this soon enough...rode my bike to the hospital this morning before the sun was up over the mountain and wow, a bit brisk! But there is nothing like that thin, clean mountain air to wake you up for the early morning shifts...and the view! oh the view!
(photos to come soon)

view from the hospital entrance (seriously, who wouldn't want to work here?)

a few pics from the Jasper Park lodge
*thanks again to Aunt Carol & Uncle Rob*...what a treat!

the view from our cabin

Lac Beauvert

Jon at Lac Beauvert

us at Lac Beauvert walking off the crazy ass big breakfast...i think i look a little chubbier in this pic after dinner and breakfast at the lodge! wow, so delicious...

honeymoon dessert at the lodge

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  1. Yay you made it!
    The wildlife sounds ..hah..wild! Awesomeness.

    Cant wait for the pics,