Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 3 - Thunder Bay ON to Brandon MB

amazing sunset in the flat (but friendly!) province of Manitoba

the view out of the motel window in Brandon...a lonely hay bale and a whole lotta flat

So, once again, no video. I'll tell you one thing, a moving truck (in both senses of the term) is no place to learn to edit video. So I guess videos will come later. As will photos, because after gloating that I remembered to keep Manny's camera charger out of the packing process, I realized I packed the hardware that transfers her photos to her computer. Ditto my camera's proprietary usb cable.

Anyway, Thunder Bay to Dryden was pretty gorgeous. Lots of yellow leaves, lots of hills, winding road, good tunes and much car singing ensued. After lunch, we eased into Manitoba, which began with a 15 minute delay due to construction. After that, lots of long, straight and very, very flat road. After one amazing sunset, one bland dinner, and one more trip to the hot tub, here we are in the hotel room. And with that, it's time to repeat last night's early sleep.


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