Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 2 - The Soo to T-Bay

the vastness of Lake Superior

okay, so this blogging isn't going as we had planned...i say this as i'm sitting in a hotel room in Thunder Bay and jon is snoring away beside me...
we have been taking video, as promised, and some photos as well, but have been too exhausted to really get this going...
we would have had time tonight but this days inn has a pool that beckoned and a hot tub that eased jon's aching back...
it's been raining for two days now and today we were discussing the fact that it was probably a good thing we aren't moving to the coast as originally planned if the constant rain was already cumbersome after only 2 days, ha!

trying to get Lake Superior in the background....we missed but got half of Jackson's Superior Provincial Park fuzzy moose

got the lake this time, but only half our heads. these are our favourite shots. haha.

the only ray of pseudo sunshine was taking a quick tourist photo with the giant Winnie the Pooh statue in White River--the birthplace of Winnie! (Mel, will have some pics for you soon!)

pics for MEL!

(jon was trying to steal pooh's honey)

Thunder Bay is's going down to -1 tonight (!!)...i'm a tad worried about the herbs in the front seat of the Rav, and especially the bean from lil' Jackson, which was sprouting this morning!
the sun is supposed to be shining to bed in anticipation of blue skies...will try to update a bit more tomorrow--and upload some photos.


  1. how do I access photos... you say you uploaded some but I am new to this blogging thing and cant find them..???
    will be praying you have some sun soon... it has been cold and rainy here too... other than friday afternoon and that weird warm few hours we had... take care

  2. haven't uploaded any as of yet...the transfer cable was packed away in the back of the big truck (d'oh!)...but will hopefully get some video up soon...will be easily able to see right within the posts.
    and we did have some sun today! with a wonderful sunset to boot!