Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the big news

winnipeg ave sunset

as some of you may know by now, we've had some big change of plans as of late.
jon is the soon-to-be EDITOR of beach metro news!
this, of course, means we will be moving back to toronto...believe me when i tell you that this decision did not come without a lot of thinking and huge amounts of time spent deliberating.
the way the story goes is that the editor of the paper jon used to work at in toronto is retiring...we knew this when we left toronto, but jon was expecting his senior colleague and friend to take this position when the time came...when his old editor called to request that jon apply for the job, it took some time for jon to even send his resume...we truly thought we were going to be smithereens for quite some time...
this was a very difficult decision to make--it is beautiful here in Smithers and we have made some truly wonderful friends...while we are ecstatic at the idea of jon being the editor of the beach metro news, and happy to be returning to where our families are, there are definitely aspects of the rural northern lifestyle that we will miss (i write that after 3 consecutive days of snowboarding in november, with sunday having 35cm--!!--of fresh powder for our riding pleasure)...

so, enough jabbering, a collection of pics from the last couple of months here in beautiful BC:

an october hike up to crater lake with the girls and the pooches...the first of the snow on the mountain (still no snow in town at this point)

lucy and casey playing around in the snow

jon and i did one last fall (read: no snow) hike...mccabe trail (in the Babine Mountain range)

the view on the way up

jon with lucy

jon at alpine

lucy at alpine

alpine amidst the Babines

lucy on the way down through an old avalanche path

our friends dave and damien opened up their new shop...very exciting!

they asked jon to do a painting for the shop...and they asked us (nascent state) to play the grand opening party...so glad to be a part of this! and the shop is awesome to boot!
friend plug: if you're ever in Smithers, check out Dawn2Dusk

being silly with Breann and Amy at the Hilltop for Dawn2Dusk's grand opening

nascent state played to a full house

took a road trip to Terrace to get halloween supplies

stopped for a short hike to let Lucy stretch her legs

halloween is kind of a big deal in Smithers...people go all out...definitely our kind of town

jon's jack o' lantern

black swan, white swan
(based on the movie by darren aronofsky...a personal favourite)

dave & breann

jon, dave, wayne

pre-halloween dance party
(mostly nurses here in this pic, except the obvious 2 guys who snuck in to the shot)

then it snowed in town....a lot.

shoveling the driveway mid-november with lucy on the sidelines

lucy closed her eyes for the first pic...too funny!

lucy and the thespian have been getting closer...

the thespian

naturally after the first real snow in town, a hike up to ride down the hill is in order

i don't look too happy, despite all the fresh pow, but really, i was laughing inside

the second time around we brought lucy....and bre and dave too!

jon's awesome shot

our lovely skiing companions

lucy loves the snow! she had a blast hiking up with us then running down beside us as we rode...amazing snow dog...she will miss the mountain, i'm sure....as will we.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some warm photos from Jon

 Crazy fresh water rock cave swimming adventure:


 Thought this looked a bit like a movie poster:
 Underwater shots:

 tall waterfall:
 Two of the seven sacred pools:

 A big banyan tree:
 Bamboo forest:

 Red sand beach in Hana:
 Amanda wading, Jon keeping watch over the beer:

 Sunset photos taken while in the water:

 Lava rock church:
 Waterfall from the pool at the bottom of it:
 Another day, another sunset:
 Haleakela crater hike (all 12 miles of it):

 A few more underwater shots, including this big guy:

 Stopped while biking down the volcano:

 Flowers and such: