Sunday, February 27, 2011

my friday afternoon drive for a coffee (or: hazelton in pictures)

a much needed break from studying for my emerg mid-term...took a drive about 65kms west to the hazeltons...met a new friend Joanie (clothes designer and owner of Alchemy), picked up some loose leaf orange rooibos and had a delicious soy cappuccino at Mercedes Beans...and walked around Old Hazelton village.

hagwilget canyon
(you drive across a crazy bridge over this canyon to get into old hazelton village)

houses in old hazelton

the seven sisters from afar

the seven sisters (closer)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

miracle of miracles (true story)

my camera. (saved!)

my hero.

so jon and dave went up to the ski hill today. first run of the day and what do they find?
my lost camera! in the tree run.
what are the chances?! seriously. in the trees. camera, in the powder, IN. THE. TREES.
full battery. i kid you not.
freaks me right out.

recovered images:

hike up. top of the prairie T

the other side

top of HB mountain

jon. laughing in the face of danger.
(start of the trail to town)

2nd hike up the mountain for another ride down the trail to town (this time with others).
these were the last 2 photos i snapped before losing my camera:

lindsey and her sister claire at the top of the hike up.

bre, jon and dave. the last leg of the hike.

*note: this does not absolve jon of his turn to post a few pics from these days.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the case of the missing camera

so there were a couple of days that jon and i hiked up the ski hill and rode down the trail to town.
pretty epic days, actually.
once by ourselves, once with some friends.
took some great pics of the day jon and i went ourselves. then took one final group shot at the top of the mountain the day a bunch of us went.
then halfway down the trail to town, i fell--again (forgot to mention i had worked nights the night before and slept for about 3 hours before we went, tee hee) and realized that my camera was no longer in my pocket.
somewhere along the way it fell out of my pocket. it could have been the first drop i fell off and tumbled into waist deep powder. or it could have been in the tight, mogully, powdery tree run, where i was probably on my butt more than upright. or maybe it was the 40th little jump i did and cartwheeled down the trail to town.
i was tired. i fell...a lot.
and now my camera is buried somewhere in all the snow.
thankfully it's encased in a water tight pelican case. maybe once the snow melts and i'm on the same trail on my mountain bike, i will miraculously find it.
either way, the pictures to go with this post will have to come from jon.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the moose that's been poopin on our lawn

so the town's resident mum and babe moose fam made a visit to the hospital today.
mum wasn't around so we were able to get close to the babe...thinkin it's probably around that time that mum is starting to kick the babe away.
the babe was docile enough to let a bunch of folks take pics...quite the kerfuffle at the hospital. one woman even went so far as to pet his nose. bit too close for my comfort.
i just hope that with mum and babe separated that a new migratory path will form which doesn't include eating our apple trees and leaving special presents on our lawn.

at the front entrance

i snuck up behind from a side entrance

chompin away

took a look food = no interest

mooning the camera
(he was probably just kneeling down, but i like to think he was hammin it up for the shot)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

snowshoe up to crater lake

the day after our hike up the mountain and down the trail to town with dharma and amy, we hiked up the mountain yet again...this time out of ski hill bounds, towards crater lake (longer hike up)...
beautiful day for the least on the way up...the ride down was interesting but not nearly as fun as the previous day.
too many flat spots on a snowboard with no collapsible ski pole means a lot of energy spent digging out of powder. still quicker than snowshoeing back down though!

jon and i did hike up again on Tuesday to ride the trail to fun. and complete calf & thigh burner (you can't stop or you get stuck in all the pow!). jon has a few great pics i think, so i'll let him post for once...

Monday, February 7, 2011

it's better when it snows.

a few things we've been up to in the snow...

getting snow off the carport roof is important...

...and fun!
(too bad amanda had already cleared the driveway)

cross country skiing at the BV Nordic centre, halfway up the mountain.
good for days like last week when it hadn't snowed in at least a week, it was above zero in town and rained (!!) and the snow was all crusty hard--no good for downhill, but good for going horizontal.

jon, in perfect form

amanda, not-so-perfect form

and yesterday the hill was closed so we hiked up it anyway, rode down the ski hill and then continued on to the trail to town, which is a 4.9km run that winds its way down the mountain from the base of the ski hill and ends a few streets down and across the tracks from our house

cabin on the trek up

jon and dharma on the trek up

amanda & amy on the trek up

jon, happy to be almost done the hike up
(knowing how worth it the hike will be)

before the pow, surveying the lines

oh. yeah.

the nothing.
(we beat it)

jon, relaxing in powder

the trail to town

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my name is earl

earl the norwegian (forest cat....maybe)

i can haz cheezburger? (we couldn't resist)

surprisingly it is actually mostly fur

his thin side.