Friday, February 18, 2011

the moose that's been poopin on our lawn

so the town's resident mum and babe moose fam made a visit to the hospital today.
mum wasn't around so we were able to get close to the babe...thinkin it's probably around that time that mum is starting to kick the babe away.
the babe was docile enough to let a bunch of folks take pics...quite the kerfuffle at the hospital. one woman even went so far as to pet his nose. bit too close for my comfort.
i just hope that with mum and babe separated that a new migratory path will form which doesn't include eating our apple trees and leaving special presents on our lawn.

at the front entrance

i snuck up behind from a side entrance

chompin away

took a look food = no interest

mooning the camera
(he was probably just kneeling down, but i like to think he was hammin it up for the shot)

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