Monday, February 7, 2011

it's better when it snows.

a few things we've been up to in the snow...

getting snow off the carport roof is important...

...and fun!
(too bad amanda had already cleared the driveway)

cross country skiing at the BV Nordic centre, halfway up the mountain.
good for days like last week when it hadn't snowed in at least a week, it was above zero in town and rained (!!) and the snow was all crusty hard--no good for downhill, but good for going horizontal.

jon, in perfect form

amanda, not-so-perfect form

and yesterday the hill was closed so we hiked up it anyway, rode down the ski hill and then continued on to the trail to town, which is a 4.9km run that winds its way down the mountain from the base of the ski hill and ends a few streets down and across the tracks from our house

cabin on the trek up

jon and dharma on the trek up

amanda & amy on the trek up

jon, happy to be almost done the hike up
(knowing how worth it the hike will be)

before the pow, surveying the lines

oh. yeah.

the nothing.
(we beat it)

jon, relaxing in powder

the trail to town

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