Thursday, February 24, 2011

miracle of miracles (true story)

my camera. (saved!)

my hero.

so jon and dave went up to the ski hill today. first run of the day and what do they find?
my lost camera! in the tree run.
what are the chances?! seriously. in the trees. camera, in the powder, IN. THE. TREES.
full battery. i kid you not.
freaks me right out.

recovered images:

hike up. top of the prairie T

the other side

top of HB mountain

jon. laughing in the face of danger.
(start of the trail to town)

2nd hike up the mountain for another ride down the trail to town (this time with others).
these were the last 2 photos i snapped before losing my camera:

lindsey and her sister claire at the top of the hike up.

bre, jon and dave. the last leg of the hike.

*note: this does not absolve jon of his turn to post a few pics from these days.

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