Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the case of the missing camera

so there were a couple of days that jon and i hiked up the ski hill and rode down the trail to town.
pretty epic days, actually.
once by ourselves, once with some friends.
took some great pics of the day jon and i went ourselves. then took one final group shot at the top of the mountain the day a bunch of us went.
then halfway down the trail to town, i fell--again (forgot to mention i had worked nights the night before and slept for about 3 hours before we went, tee hee) and realized that my camera was no longer in my pocket.
somewhere along the way it fell out of my pocket. it could have been the first drop i fell off and tumbled into waist deep powder. or it could have been in the tight, mogully, powdery tree run, where i was probably on my butt more than upright. or maybe it was the 40th little jump i did and cartwheeled down the trail to town.
i was tired. i fell...a lot.
and now my camera is buried somewhere in all the snow.
thankfully it's encased in a water tight pelican case. maybe once the snow melts and i'm on the same trail on my mountain bike, i will miraculously find it.
either way, the pictures to go with this post will have to come from jon.

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