Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 5 - Brooks AB to Jasper AB

our first glimpse of the mountains to come
(heading out of Calgary)

the start of the Icefields Parkway

fall lunch spot: a look up from the picnic bench

As soon as you pass Calgary the scenery changes dramatically. The fall colours were incredible, although out here they pretty much consist of yellow, yellow and Amanda's new favourite colour, yellow. There was frost on the car for the first time, but we got the gizmobile (a.k.a. the uhaul truck) up to warp speed and defrosted it in no time.

from this...

to this...

The next few hours were spent giving the transmission a workout on the Icefields Parkway. I'd highly recommend this drive to anyone, except for people driving 17 foot uhaul trucks with their own car in tow. Also saw our first Rocky Mountain traffic jam (cars and tour buses stopped for mountain goats on the road).

rocky mountain traffic jam

Finally made it to Jasper, and as we pulled into the Jasper Mountain Lodge, a mom and two bear cubs ran across the road in front of us (we were going slow). Video is coming soonish. We then apparently missed a bull elk chasing a potential mate by a matter of seconds, walking from our room to the lodge (after swimming in the heated outdoor saltwater pool).

Speaking of rooms: thank you again Aunt Carol and Uncle Rob. We even had our own robes. Again, video tour coming soon.


a few of my favourite shots of the Icefields Parkway--by me (a)...i'm sure jon's will kick mine out of the water, but until then, enjoy these...

Athabasca Glacier (Columbia Icefields)

Jon being funny with his new ring at Bridal Veil falls

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