Sunday, October 10, 2010

in transition in Smithers

hey followers

once again, posting from the Safeway parking lot...still in a bit of a transition as we search for alternate living arrangements...have managed to go house hunting, come to the parking lot to check email and do a couple of wilderness treks in between work...

just came from Twin "easy to moderate" trail (note: BC's rating is a wee bit different than wimpy Ontario)...indeed a short hike but we climbed halfway to the timberline to get to the viewing platform for the falls..definitely worth huffing in the thin air.

did a 5k hike up "a hill" last week to Malkow lookout with some new was sunny and very very very beautiful

here's a pic jon took from that hike:

looking east towards the Babine Mountain range...this is the valley side of Smithers...the more dramatic mountain range is at our backs. see that on jon's site here.

happy turkey!
missing you all
-a & j-

jake, amy, sarah, me, jon @ malkow lookout

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  1. Wow, the picture is breath taking! We miss you guys too! Happy house hunting and happy turkey day! Luv ya both! Mom P.