Monday, October 25, 2010

2nd ave & winnipeg

that is the intersection you will be going to when you come visit our new house!
(it is somehow cheaper to buy than rent here, huh)
don't bother checking on google earth as street view hasn't quite made it past the main highway that runs through town, although you can look at our roof on the satellite view.

we've managed to buy the "old Schibli house"...a modest bi-level in true mid-70s, early 80s fashion...but with room for guitars, as Jon has pointed out. will take a little elbow grease getting all the wallpaper off, but the vaulted ceilings more than make up for it.

this house WILL have internet access by thursday, at which point we will be unleashing a flood of photos and video (lucky for all of you faithful followers)..unfortunately our Safeway rendezvous will sadly (insert saracastic eye roll here) come to an end.

until then...
-a & j-

this is kind of the back/side of the house
the mountain is behind me, past that awesome apple tree on our lawn (!!)...there's a nice wrap around sun deck around the other 2 sides of the house that face the mountain

1 comment:

  1. SO excited for you guys, way to buy a house! lol
    I cant wait for the pics and wallpaper horror stories.
    Thanks for the dvd, chris's eyes lit up like only they do when faced with this kind of humour lol
    We decided to jump at a townhouse in Mimico if you can believe it, going to be moving early Dec liek crazy people!