Saturday, April 14, 2012

it's time for change

the view from Malkow (never tired of this view) with all the stuff going on in our lives lately, this blog here has been seriously neglected.
let's update (our life in point form):

- Jon left in our car...with lucy and thespa...the day after Christmas (i joined in a mini road trip as far as saskatoon then got on the bus back home)
- i filled my time sans husband with working and a ton of snowboarding through january
- february came and i really started to miss my hubby and dog and cat; put the house on the market
- march: a well needed vacation...hung out for a week in Vancouver with Lindsay; a good transition city to get myself back from rural life to Toronto mode...rode Linds' bike all over, had a lot of alone time and thinking time; picked up Jon and Gillian and Jordan at the airport and headed up to Whistler to meet Mary and Toby for 3 days of riding and 4 nights of eating and drinking with friends (and a well needed visit with my hubbers!)
- got back and most of the snow in town has disappeared, spring is in the air and i realized how quickly time goes by. i leave this town a week from Monday!...i should start packing, really.

a few photos:

ashton and lindsay (two of the awesomest roommates ever)

surprisingly, it was mostly sunny for my time in van

this is what i pictured myself to be doing most of the time
(having coffee during a rainy day in Gastown)

sculpture in English Bay...these are just too cool.
(laughing statues by artist Yue Minjun)
one of the nurses at work has always said she wants one of these on her lawn because they make her happy. i concur. if i ever win the lottery i'll be sure to buy one for Marianne.

i rode the trail that goes around the perimeter of Stanley Park

under the Lion's Gate Bridge

the group at the top of the Blackcomb glacier
(L to R: Jordan, Gillian, Toby, Mary, me, Jon)

Jon waving from the glacier (it was so much fun the first time we hiked up and went again...the bluebird skies disappeared the second time, making for a fun time navigating the spring conditions)

on the Peak2Peak gondola...seriously a feat of engineering!

the inukshuk at the peak of Whistler

us at the Whistler peak

got a spring hike up Malkow in before leaving...and spent some quality time with Connie and her pooch Burma. i will definitely miss working with Connie (one of the smartest nurses i know!)

so I am officially changing the name of this blog. and once back in Toronto I will be laying it to rest.
Mom and Sue are flying in and driving back across country with me. I'll fill you in each evening until we make it back home.
just another awesome adventure in the life of J&A.
we are so lucky.

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