Tuesday, April 24, 2012

day 2 - jasper, AB to saskatoon, SK

prairie rainbow
 major disappointment this morning when the little man at the jasper national park booth at the start of the icefields parkway wouldn't let us on. apparently uhaul trucks are commercial vehicles that are well over the weight restrictions of the parkway, despite mine being much smaller than the two ginormous RVs with F350s in tow being allowed on (apparently they are "personal vehicles" so they are an exception despite their weight...the logic mystifies me)...i felt really bad at getting the moms super hyped up and being unable to get through to the little man in the booth, so i tried to argue with him a second time, and then even went back to jasper to speak to park administration...no go.

it was pouring in jasper when we left, and of course all the mountains were covered in cloud...by the time it cleared there were no mountains left. mom #1 declared the drive "very boring".
but we found herds of caribou everywhere and stopped in the palisades to take a few pics of these guys:

caribou butts

more caribou butt
and then we booked it all the way here to saskatoon along hwy 16 (the 14 footer with small trailer handles the prairies at a nice 120kms/hr with no problem!), in the hopes that we may now actually make it to toronto by friday night instead of saturday night.
a couple of days of long driving ahead...but after my two full days of driving, tomorrow it's a baileys in the coffee for me--moms' turns to drive!

the bedspreads at the motel 6 look like a little boy's bedroom...so random (but the hot tub makes up for it)

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