Monday, April 23, 2012

day 1 - Smithers to Jasper

sunset on Lake Kathlyn
mom #1 came wednesday. mom #2 came thursday.
friday they packed my house.

then a super swell party at Kirsty's cabin on Lake Kathlyn.

the moms on Lake Kathlyn

Anthony, Nelsie, Marianne


Nelsie, Marianne, Julieanne, Connie
Kirsty, Breann, Anthony, Nelsie

Sarah, Dave, Breann, Mike

Anthony directing Sarah and Bonnie in fire building skills

Anthony supervising the ladies
Anthony makin up for it by bearing logs
Mike, Ryan, Kat, Anna, Julianne, Anthony

Nelsie, Sarah, Marianne, Ki

then a day of packing the 14' Uhaul only to find not everything fit.

made it all better by calling it a day, relaxing with some beers for the last time on my front lawn, followed by a nice dinner at the aspen.

ended up having to get a small trailer to tow prior to leaving monday morning, which i had to quickly (read: haphazardly) pack without the advice of my jenga-minded packers, and ended up with a cooler full of hummus. didn't see robson in the rain and cloud (big surprise) but we made it to jasper, chillin at the super sweet tonquin inn.

the moms got a taste of the rockies today but are excited for the icefields tomorrow!

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