Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the update post

what we have been up to for the past little while...

these beautiful pics were from the first camping/fishing trip with Breann & Dave

with the wet, cool summer we'd been having it was so fantastic to see the sky like this

the two days in july that we decided to hit up a rec site on the kispiox river were wonderfully sunny and warm--and it never really got dark all kind of hit a dark twilight then the sun came back up...

gettin the rods ready to practice casting...

jon got a bite on his third cast...there's Bre goig in with the net

trying to identify the fish (thanks to picture books)

first time out, no fish...

but beer waiting.

Lucy's first camping trip

Lucy out cold after falling in the river and having to be saved by Dave

Lucy loves loves loves puddles, especially those filled with mud....hosing her down was tough, she didn't like it too much, so we came up with what we thought was a brilliant a kiddie pool and fill it with shampoo--perfect Lucy sized puddle that'd she'd for sure jump in...


not a chance.

quick trip to Valemount/Mount Robson to meet up with our best pals Gillian and Jordan...(edited: see new post)

came home from Robson to find another warm showers guest awaiting us on the porch...

Greg (from North Carolina) stayed with us for two nights and Salva (from Spain) stayed for one...we had a wonderful evening chatting and feasting!

then we camped and played at the Kispiox Valley Music Festival...super fun!

nascent state playing our friday night show on the side stage

me lugging jon in the cart to lug gear (there may or may not be some alcohol in that camping mug)

we played our main show on saturday evening, but have no here's a pic of jon at the festival

then we went camping and fishing again...

Lucy on Pentz Lake

me, waking up Lucy by the campfire

Wayne, fishing out our lost spoons (brave soul...the water was frigid!)

Bre, Dave and the trio of pooches

Jon caught a rock


Lucy, crashed out again

and now summer has finally come!

a mellow day at chicken creek

Lucy...tired of us not catching anything...ha!

looking forward to tomorrow...Tom, Sue and Claire should be making it here at the end of the first leg of their cross Canada tour...we have a wonderful week ahead of us, i'm sure...can't wait!

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