Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more from the garden

despite our wet and cool summer, our "experimental" garden (first northern gardening experience) has produced an abundance of greens and other tastylicious veggies...the only thing that hasn't really worked is the garlic--but that's only because the crows dug them up...before lucy came in to our lives, of course--she's a great crow (and squirrel and chipmunk and random running critter) chaser


i wish i had taken this photo in scale to show the size of these behemoth radishes...i was almost tempted to enter them in the fall fair...

the first potatoes...i learned that picking potatoes when they are little is what classifies them as "new potatoes"

most delicious brunch...jon fried the first of the potatoes with some beautiful red spring onions from the farmer's market...and i made a farm fresh egg omelette with the beet greens folded inside...yum!

in anticipation of the brussels...

first of the summer peas (at the end of summer?)

the first of these peas made a tasty road trip snack...yes, we took a mini road trip...post to come!

another warmshowers guest who hung out for a couple of days...jorge and i and lucy at malkow

jorge, jon, me and lucy

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