Saturday, August 20, 2011

the muldoons (and amadio) visit the west!

a selection of pics from our family time together in smithers and environs...

claire's birthday was on the road, so naturally had to have a cake waiting!

but it was also tom & sue's anniversary, so claire let them blow out the candles

jon worked for the first few days...we hiked up malkow to stretch out the car legs

the fam on the river in hazelton

had a stunning hike up to crater lake...

the way up...although you may not be able to tell from this photo, we just went through a brief snow fall (!!)

coming from the heat of ontario, claire thought the snow was just fantastic
(i, however, could only think of our crappy summer and looming fall weather...but still beautiful!)

lucy, eating snow

crater lake

lucy & jon

the pooch and i

jon's awesome pano

lucy, taking a rest

claire and crater lake

us at crater lake

us + 1 at crater lake

fishing at chicken creek for an afternoon...

claire was throwing sticks for lucy and then she threw the giant stick and lucy still went for it

claire's casting...awesome form!

claire and uncle jon

claire, hiding from camera

claire snapped this pic of the awesomeness of jon's t-shirt

dinner in the log room at the aspen

fun visit!
enjoyed the time with family...hope they had a great time, despite the cool, rainy weather...and the copious amounts of benadryl tom was no doubt ingesting from all of lucy and thespa's hair!

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