Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it's snowing again

it seems i will never get sick of the view from Malkow

there has been a bit of a deep freeze here for the last week or so with temps plunging to -20 (unusual for this time of year...honestly!)
but as Jon and I have come to realize: nobody complains! it's amazing. everyone states their surprise, many are even apologetic to us newcomers, muttering how sorry they are that we have to endure this freak weather system for our first winter here.
of course i've been working a set for the last 4 days and it has been wonderfully sunny...and now, my first day off of 5, and it is grey as can be...but the better news is that the temp is rising, it's snowing again (!!) and i can still see the mountain out my window as i type.

unfortunately no new pics from the last couple of days but i'll leave you with a couple from yet another quick hike up to the Malkow of our last warm-ish days a week or so ago, before the snow really fell.

Sarah & John

Sarah, John & I

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