Saturday, November 27, 2010

fridays are fun...with a capital F

it was the opening day at Hudson Bay Mountain on friday...
jon had to shoot opening day for the paper and me, well, i just had to tag along. woe is me!

from the top of the panorama t-bar
(ps - t-bars suck)

from the first aid booth at the peak

jon is working...really.

me, on the other hand, am not working
(did i mention t-bars suck?)

later on that night we went downtown for a friday night community lighting thing...the stores all stayed open until 11 pm to kick off christmas shopping (which may not sound like a big deal, but it is for Smithers where everything is closed on Sunday and sometimes Monday, and shops usually aren't open past 6pm)...

friday night, foggy night

looking down Main St

Smithereens do a lot of stuff. people just DO things here. all the time.
there is always an event to be had, and what jon and i mused on the way home is that everybody goes to everything...regardless of age, social circle, sport of's amazing.
last week we went to see a local musician (Raghu Loganathan who was awesomely quirky) on tour through Canada with 2 other Canadian musicians...folky type stuff, but every demographic in town was there.
Saturday night we're off to the Ski Boot Ball at the Alpenhorn...the official kick off the ski season party...'80s style.

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