Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the first snow

the evil kitty is loving her new home and was just as excited as we were to see this scene outside of our window this morning...our first snow! and it's only mid-november...although jon would like you all to know that he actually felt and saw his first snowflake of the year while he was visiting toronto on halloween. so there.

we can usually see the mountain and ski hill from this window, but it was completely in cloud cover this morning ...if you look behind thespa's head you can barely make out the ridge line...

we had a ton of house stuff to do today but our next logical decision seemed like the most obvious one...

Sarah & I (in the cloud that was covering the mountain behind Thespa's head in the previous pic)

we drove up to the base of the ski hill with Sarah and hiked up the t-bar line to ride fresh pow!
holy crap there was a TON of snow! seeing as we hiked straight up the mountain (the ski hill actually doesn't open until the 25th), we only made the hike twice, but both rides down were worth every minute of huffing up.

Sarah & Jon hiking up under the Prairie T-Bar, Hudson Bay Mtn

so Ontarians, what is powder you ask? it's fluffy and light and crazy deep and doesn't require super sharp edges to ride...i could learn to love this powder stuff. oh wait, i think i'm already in love. it didn't take long.

cabin covered in fresh powder mid-way up Hudson Bay Mtn

the road from the mountain back into town (proof that those studded tires we just got were the best investment ever)

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