Saturday, January 22, 2011

a story and a photo update

we've had this freakish spring-like weather the last couple of days. the above zero temps are melting all the snow and turning the streets on which i walk to work treacherous with slush, giant puddles and icy patches.
this morning i was running late for work, walking up winnipeg ave in the dark, headphones on, looking down at the ground as i tried to tiptoe my way around the uneven ground when i looked up and came face to face with a moose.
i froze. it froze. looked right at me. babe in tow.
it must have been only 4 feet in front of me. we met gazes.
then a car turned on to the street and the moose began to run. straight (read: right at me).
i tried to run across the street, did the skating-slip-on-ice dance, like a cartoon character.
almost fell, jumped right into a puddle.
the mama moose and her babe run the opposite way, through the park next to the arena.
i turned to watch them go.
i got to work, late, apologizing for my tardiness while explaining why i was dripping in sweat.
the oldies laughed so hard they almost peed, i'm sure.
"oh amanda, you city girl" they say.
i phone jon, tell him, first thing he says "did you take a picture?"

and now, some photos that will hopefully fill the gap of the last post-less 15 days...

quality fam time in ON (me & jacks)

jacks' first sled ride

came back to a spare bedroom/library with no carpet and drywall ceiling

and jon deciding to take the closet down

cross country skiing at the BV Nordic Centre

Sam on the pooch trail

Dr Seuss tree

lookout point coming down the mountain

the drive down the mountain road

sunset from our front porch
(the day before an epic powder day on the hill, from which i have NO pics)

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