Monday, January 3, 2011

here's to 2011

happy new year to our family and friends!

we started ours with a snow shoe hike up crater are my shots, i'm sure jon can add a few more that will trump mine...

i love this pic of jon. he looks like he's climbing to the end of the world.

that's crater lake behind us

lone cloud

following our tracks back down

our new years eve was spent on a sunset hike with new friends up to malkow lookout (jon's photo to come)...after a warm cider toast we made our way down the trail with headlamps, joined others for a wonderful dinner, rang in the new year at a local pub then back to our place for some mario go karting.

can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!


  1. These are awesome pictures. Is this close to your house? Amazing to have such scenery in your backyard.

  2. yes, it is close to town.
    this particular trail (crater lake) starts at the bottom of the ski hill...which is about 25km up the mountain from our house.
    and yes, it is amazing.