Tuesday, December 28, 2010

how we spent our chrstmas

although we are missing family this holiday season, we are fortunate to have found new friends who were orphaned as well this christmas.

jon and i finished our bathroom renos (for the time being) including installing a new throne.

jon tightening nuts

amanda gets the caulk ready

we held an orphan's dinner on the 23rd where jon and i cooked reynold (a small but hearty 11lb bird from the Happy Pig Organic Farm in Telkwa). we were joined by 6 friends for a night of good food, good company and super mario go kart competition.

jon carving reynold

amanda with reynold and the local fingerlings

orphan's dinner
(L to R: jon, lindsay, breann, dave, chris, jake, amy)

the next day, christmas eve, jon and i joined our new friends dave and breann up at the mountain for an awesome afternoon of snowboarding and skiing in fresh pow and crazy tree runs (which, incidentally, prompted jon and i to buy helmets this boxing day...which i'm sure makes mum feel much better!)


breann & dave

tree run (snowbound)

jon telling us how much he loves powder

falling is fun

christmas day we skyped with the fams while enjoying our own tradition of bailey's in coffee and french toast...

the kitty's stocking loot

kitty found the catnip toy

we spent the day with dave and breann ice skating on lake kathlyn and having dinner (Bre cooked a wonderfully plump 1/2 bird from the sausage factory--and dave got to share his favourite candy cane ice cream)

lake kathlyn (the locals plow a track on the ice that runs around the lake, about a 4 1/2 km loop)

duke, diggin holes around the lake

duke hoping for a piece of the bird

christmas dinner at breann & dave's

post-dinner blokus!

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