Friday, December 10, 2010

adventures in bread deux

and so it continues...with tasty photos

the 100% red fife artisan loaf (the one that was proofing overnight from the last bread post):

making jon's favourite (caraway rye):

trying my hand at whole wheat pita!
which is suprisingly easy and takes an hour from start to more store bought pita...really, it's that simple:

so i was actually trying to make pita're supposed to roll them to a certain thickness where the steam of the very hot oven will make them puff, then they collapse when they cool, thereby creating the you can see, only certain parts puffed...

only a couple were effective as sandwich pockets, but they were tasty nonetheless, dipped in hummus or used as pita pizzas (jon's go-to meal when i'm on night shift)-a.

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