Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more renos and a new member of the family

more home renos...

jon taking the stucco off the ceilings
all the plastic reminded me of E.T. and jon reminded me of a ghostbuster....it was a good night for '80s movie nostalgia

ripping carpet out

jon in and out of the workshop cutting boards with his new jig saw

"look mom! i'm flooring!"

bamboo flooring through the hallway

...and spare bedroom

a break from flooring...my first rodeo experience. (and probably my last).
the kispiox valley rodeo: "the biggest little rodeo in the west"

first garden harvest...tons of rhubarb left by the schiblis
have already frozen a bunch, made a batch of delicious rhubarb butter and a rhubarb crisp when toby and mary were up visiting from nanaimo (pics from that fun visit to come!)

and meet Lucy...she's a 5 year old Shepherd/Collie cross we just adopted from the shelter.
we were going to trial her for a week and see how it went with you-know-who (the evil thespian) but she is such a good dog that she doesn't even pay attention to thespa...and so thespa has learned to accept her already...by which i mean sneaking around Lucy when she's asleep and sniffing her butt.

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