Friday, April 1, 2011

a couple of days of photos

March ski day...last day of riding? not sure...yet.

but probably the last day of any semblance of powder
(the tree tops aren't this white anymore)

jon's first attempt at a group photo, making himself the centre of the photo and cutting his wife out completely, heh

2nd attempt...breann and dave in the background

breann contemplating the unknown?

jon, breann and dave navigating the natural moguls (wrong exit from a tree run...we always end up on alpenhorn...always alpenhorn)

wrong turn (double black run with a drop)

stopping before the little cliff drop

jon wondering how the h-e-double hockey sticks we ended up on this run...and probably more so wondering how we're going to get down

the vertical that is a double black
(taken from "chicken route"...we found a way down)

laughing at the irony, sitting on the "chicken route"
(yes there is actually a run that goes in to the trees beside the drop off with a little sign that says "chicken route"...and yes, we are both chickens)

the end of the chicken route, halfway down the double black

a well-deserved rest


a spring hike up malkow (this view never gets old)

breann, lindsay, amy and me (sinking up to my knee in wet snow)

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